Definition of a Noob

I get when people are utterly crap in a game, or are really awful as one champion they demand to play, then they can easily be labelled a noob in League of Legends. I was wondering though, being labelled a "noob" implies your inability to play the game to the minimal requirement. Of course, all the dumb crap people do that you see and just have to cringe over, most of that can get someone labelled a noob. That said, what really defines a player as a "noob", in my opinion, is whether or not you can play decently (not brilliantly. Literally just good enough to pass) 1 champion for every role in the game. You can't call yourself a good player if you are the kind of person who will beg for any other role because autofill gave you support. If you are landed with jungle and you say you can't do it, then you are a noob, because you can't accomplish a basic aspect of the game. And when I mean 1 class for each role, I specifically mean 5 different champion. An _actual_ Top Laner. An _actual_ Mid Laner. An _actual_ Jungler. An _actual_ ADC. An _actual_ Support. Not just your single favorite champion in a different lane, or a mid laner masquerading as a "support". So what does everyone else think? Am I right? Is the minimum requirement to avoid noobhood to be able to passing-grade play 1 champion in each of the roles?
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