This game isn't fun anymore and I'm done.

Ranked is coinflip and you can't climb as a support main. Normals are clown fiesta all the way and no one's ending the games before it's been an hour. You can't learn new champions / roles without getting flamed. I have so many %%%%ing issues with this bullshit it's not even funny. This game makes me mad and sometimes I wish I could beat the shit out of these kids that I get in my teams. That's how bad they are. This game makes me wanna kill myself, legitimately. It pisses me off that I can't get where I belong. I do my best, nothing's enough. Ever. Not a single %%%%ing game is like they are when I watch other people play. I watch people in plat/diamond and wonder why I can't get there right now. I'd win way more and maybe even have _**fun**_ improving further. My current elo just doesn't allow it. And I'm done with it. **Goodbye.**
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