If you were a LoL Champion... Describe yourself!

This is just for fun :) Taking in account appearance, personality & attitude, what kind of LoL champ would you be? I'd be some short & curvy (bordering on a little chubby) chick with a glint in the eye who'd not hesitate to throw herself in front of an ult for her friends. A woman with heart, but also a loud mouth & colourful language! Most likely a support & mage, but with a shield. People who know me say I have a tendency to "put up an impenetratable shield when debating human rights" & I am also known for being pretty irritatingly stubborn, but also relatively sweet. That's at least what I am told, lol. So I am picturing this chubby redhead with short troll hair & a magical shield that deflects damage & can be used to beat people into submission with. And a rainbow tattooo across her bicep. Sorta like this: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/14/13/b7/1413b7731fa411d23a08e1bba5af6c27.jpg What kind of LoL champ would you be?
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