The most rigged thing i've ever seen.

When the Hextech chests has finally made it to EU servers i was very hyped up for the amazing things i can get from them. I opened my premium chest and recieved a Shard of Guirella Tristana, but her look literally made my eyes burnt. I opened 2 normal hextech chests after that but the drop doesn't matter. What I want to actually tell you about is the mystery chest that you get after buying a skin from Draven's Spinning Axes (or something like that). I decided to buy skin for Draven of course (Primetime) but the thing i was actually excited about is the skin from Mystery Chest. I couldn't believe what happened. There are like 700 skins in the game (maybe a little less excluding the unavailable ones) AND I RECIEVED GUIRELLA TRISTANA. WTF?!?!?!?! If you calculate the chance of getting the guirella tristana again you get 0,000002% chance. WTF?!?!?!?! Don't get my reaction like. Wtf kid Riot is giving you something for free and you still cry. I really love hextech chest system and Riot games but IT'S IMPOSSIBLE to get this skin again. I know there are no refunds for this mystery chests, but at least i would like (a reroll) your opinion what you think about that. Screenshots!
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