Iganti the Element Prophet (Champion Concept)

Iganti the Element Prophet (Female) Role: Support/Mage (Ranged) Passive (Elemental Blessing): Whenever you place a Totem, your next basic attack on an enemy champion restores some mana and health over time to yourself. Iganti can only have 1 Totem out at a time, placing another replaces the former one. Q (Fire Totem): Iganti places a Fire Totem at a nearby location that deals damage over time to all nearby enemies and causes your next basic attack to shoot a cone of fire in front of yourself. (5s Cooldown) W (Wave Totem): Iganti places a Wave Totem at a nearby location that knocks all nearby enemies away and restores health to all nearby allies and causes your next basic attack to knock away the hit enemy and restore health to yourself. (5s Cooldown) E (Earth Totem): Iganti places an Earthtotem at a nearby location that stuns all neaby enemies every 2 seconds for 0.5 seconds and causes your next basic attack to stun the hit enemy for 2 seconds. (5s Cooldown) R (Fury of the Elements): Iganti can have as many totems out at the same time as she wants and her abilities cost no mana for 10 seconds. (80s Cooldown) Please leave your feedback and ideas below in the comment section :)

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