Worried about the game

Hey guys! I’m a league player from Europe and lately I’ve been spending some more time to the game and reading some of the lore, because I find its universe very cool. Going straight to the point: I really love this game, because it looks very good and it has a very amusing gameplay, interesting champions, and the fact that the meta is always changing. However, lately I started constantly getting let down by some of the companies decisions: -the fact that every event feels and looks the same- this year is giving me the feeling like nothing different happened. Every event has the same missions that we can complete without even reading them, after like 3 games they are all complete. When the missions started, they felt more special and unique, maybe because of the RGM’s -its honestly really sad that there weren’t any RGM’s yet this year. I feel like the only “untitling” thing that I have left is ARAM, which I’m glad (and surprised) they didn’t remove yet. I personally don’t like the TFT game because I find it boring, so it doesn’t work for me. What let’s me down here is the fact that you *maybe* spent a great amount of time in just one thing, and didn’t think in those players who wouldn’t like the TFT mode. -I was so hyped for this years SG event, I hoped that it would get me happy for the game again but, honestly, it didn’t . We didn’t even get a video like we got for past SG events like “burning bright”. I actually like the skins. Do I think you could do things differently? Yes. Like making the Zoe skin legendary, I mean, it looks awesome, imagine if she had new voice lines, more interactions with her pet, it would be sooo cool (make it happen pls), because her original voice lines don’t fit the skin theme at all and she, as the great villain, deserved it. I feel like riot needs to focus more on what makes the game what it is (the players), which I believe they are obviously doing, just not enough, and to avoid getting lazy about the game. I’m sorry for the long post, eventual wrong English, and I hope I wasn’t disrespectful with Riot employees, I love you all and as a concerned player: don’t let this game die :)
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