Actually Insane Suggestion Time - What if Jayce's Acceleration Gate empowered EVERY projectile?

Jayce, as we all know, is pretty much the master of long range poke, and has held that title for many seasons now. However, Varus has slooooowly been taking over that hot spot, leaving Jayce feeling a little unwanted, Like a child on Jeremy Kyle. So I was laying in bed yesterday staring at a picture of Jayce on my phone. That glorious chin, that spectacular hair, surely this icon of perfection can have something, ANYTHING to make him stand out from the other Pokeymen of the League. And then it hit me!....Literally, my phone slipped out of my hands and landed on my head, actually kinda hurt. BUT, it gave me an idea. A crazy idea. A terribly awful idea. What if Jayce's Acceleration Gate boosted and empowered not only his Q, but EVERY allied projectile that passed through it. Now after reading that you've probably turned off your PC/Phone/Bootlegged 3DS to go and take a shower to clean your body and soul from the most horrific and disgusting idea for a LoL ability ever. But hear me out. Let's imagine for a moment, let's picture the carnage. Now, obviously there'd need to be some limitations. It'd a pretty niche situation where'd you'd want to boost a projectile. There'd need to some mana cost restrictions to keep the ability in check. And obviously, such a boost wouldn't work on on auto attacks because that'd cause a colossal coding spaghetti nightmare that it'd probably accidentally turn LoL into a Kart Racer or something. BUT....just imagine the pure chaos that Jayce would inflict onto the Rift with the ability to amplify allied projectiles. That Jhin W? Now suddenly a thunderous. pinpointed blast with the power and force of a Hanzo Dragonstrik on actual crack rock cocaine. That Yasuo Q tornado? Now a lightning fast vortex strong enough to rip the Roof off the Sistine Chapel. That Jinx Ultimate? An already strong rocket turned into a speeding shard of destruction that'd break all known laws of ethical warfare. It'd be like having Kim Jong Un as your ADC. Yes, it's a crazy idea. Yes, it's unthinkable, disgusting, abhorant to even consider....but you gotta dream man, you sometimes have to just dream of the possibility. Because if the Ghostbusters Reboot has taught us's that even the Worst ideas can happen...
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