I have the weirdest birds living near my apartment

I started using my old electric grill as an ashtray. Every night the birds that live nearby (some live between the gutter and the roof) come and take the cigarette butts , most likely as building material for their nests. Ok that's cool, but what's weirder is that EVERYTIME they bring leaves to compensate what they "stole." First i thought the leaves just dropped from nearby trees but no, all the trees in my front yard just have needles. And the ground doesn't have any leaves either so wind doesn't explain it. Last night they took 4 cigarette butts, and brought 5 leaves. The night before they took 2 butts and brought 2 leaves. edit: oh wow just read some article that actually some birds use cigarette butts to keep their nests clean. they rip the soft thing from the butts and clean the nest with it, and the toxins in it keep some parasites at bay. Live and learn..
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