When you as a duo start to crumble

I've known my Friend for a long time now with the past two seasons of our ranked games being played together in bot lane. We climbed to diamond without all that much difficulty, so long as our lanes went even or close to it we knew we were pretty much in for a win. Reaching diamond was a great milestone to hit and we both felt great about it. When we completed our placements this season though things started to change, I feel when i placed a division ahead. We have always played the game a lot, mainly normal draft as sometimes some of the friends we play with don't have the same level of experience. As of late though my duo has had a dramatic shift in his play-style. Going from that calculated aggression that destroys and demoralises the enemy bot lane to plain raw aggression with zero respect for our opponents, taking free tower shots, giving zero thought to where the enemy mid/jungle is and even flaming random team mates on occasion. Also giving me the silent treatment in lane not acknowledging anything I say regarding the game/lane. I tried respectfully voicing my opinion to him, having known each other for so long I expected a conversation. Get whats wrong out in the open and get things back on track but I was met with mostly silence and a few abrupt answers. OK so I thought maybe he's just got some things going on in real life he does not want to talk about I'll give him some space just keep quiet and only call whats extremely important. This goes on and on for several days, the long silences and the ultra aggressive play. To the point of making me feel extremely uncomfortable laning with him and when he refuses to answer me over what the problem is, well I can only assume I am the problem in his eyes. After a few games of flex queue and those repeated and to be expected 4/5 man bot ganks with us pushing like monkeys constantly, he's at the end of his tether he asks if i would jungle and let our midlaner support as his play-style suits him better. A difficult silence fell over our discord for a moment but in the end I agreed to do so. My first inner reaction was to be upset and angry about this however taking a moment to think about it I was a little relieved, Jungling isn't a problem for me and I know after a few more games in this set up it won't and hasn't played out any differently against any half decent team and eventually which has already began after a short time our midlaners opinion is being even more so aligned with my own. So what do we go here, do we have to tie this guy down in discord and try to verbally knock some sense into him? Perhaps his opinion has changed and he only respects ranking and getting to diamond last season has gone to his head? If that's the case perhaps I need to just soloque, we are not playing solo/duo anyway and I know I could climb, plat 2 in 22 games and LP gains in the mid to high 20's. There are plenty of tools around now to find people and it would be even easier to quickly hit diamond again with a decent adc/jungler to queue with. I really do not know what the answer is or what the path to take is now. I'm both venting here and looking for the thoughts of the community and my thanks go out to anyone who took the time to read this. Your time and thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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