Is there a skin you trust?

So you're queued up for a SoloQ or w/e. On your team you have champion X on your team with Y skin as opposed to Z skin which you dislike playing with (not the skin itself, but the usual players) If you dont get it: I much prefer Thresh's with the level 7 mastery and the Championship skin rather than another Thresh with the level 7 mastery and the Dark Star skin. Im not saying I dislike the skins in terms of aesthetics because Dark Star is amazing. But the amount of people that buy the skin then suck ass. Makes me really dislike the fact ive got one on my team, if that makes any sense. The same applies to Riven, I know for a fact a Battle Bunny Riven will carry a game. Whereas a Championship Riven or Dragonblade will go 0/10. I hope you understand where im comin from xd. I dont know how to explain it.
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