Twisted Fate doesn't worry much.

{{champion:104}}: What, are you gonna fight Fizz ? He will destroy you! {{champion:4}}: Don't worry Graves, I know a tactic. You know when he jumps onto his pole? {{champion:104}}: Yea. {{champion:4}}: He has to jump out of his pole a bit of time later. {{champion:104}}: That's obvious. What are you trying to say? {{champion:4}}: That he is unbalanced. {{champion:104}}: *facepalm {{champion:4}} You still can't have a cigar buddy. {{champion:104}} Damn you! Dude, just give me one quick, before the game starts! {{champion:4}} I don't have any. Try to smoke the cigar butts maybe you feel a bit better. {{champion:104}} Screw you!
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