I am stuck in Bronze 2 - Literally

You see, I got excellent games recently. The game placed me into Bronze 4 and I climbed all up to Bronze 2. But now?! The worst thing ever happened. No, it's not because of ELO Hell. It's not because I get trolls or noobs. It's not because of so called "feeders". You wont believe me: A freaking lightning hit my house and killed my Internet and Computer! Well, the whole cable that connects all other houses and enables Internet for them is damaged, which means I cannot play LoL for several weeks now. Like WTF?! Some people here complain that LoL sucks because of the illusion of ELO Hell. As long as as nothing simmelar happens to you as me, you should not be complaining that you you cannot climb! Because I LITERALLY can't climb!
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