What happened to EU West?

I've been tilting the shit out of myself today. I even slammed my desk so hard that I spilled my drink all over my floor. Why I tilted is because EU West has become a terrible place. Im going to tell the story of my day. My horrible, scary, shitty day in League of Legends The first two matches of the day started fine, nothing special, won them. Played them at around 16:00, took a big break to play Rocket League and sich, and started playing LoL at 22:00 again. Here comes the tilting. First game: mid Jhin. Ahri went mid with me, because she said that I couldn't play Jhin mid, because he is an ADC. No problem, normal stuff. But then comes the other Ahri, the enemy team Ahri. She notices that Jhin can kill Ahri easily, so she never kills me solo. I never died without atleast 3 assists, yeah, I got three man ganked only. Pretty annoying. Now it was time for the second game: jungle Jax. The support Gragas goes into the enemy jungle (we were north, they south) when I was taking gromp. I got help from the ADC, and I could kill it easily after that. But the Gragas comes and starts attacking it after I pinged four times that he should back away. He realises that he took XP and decides to help me with Blue Buff. Pretty nice thing to do. But he kills it, and one of the sentinels with his barrel. Thats two camps stolen. We lose the match, and I take a litte break to calm myself down. (That game was the one where I spilled my drink, just a little note.) When I sit down at my computer again I am shaking because I am so mad. I go into a game where I think I will be safe, a game where I play one of my favourite champs: Heimerdinger. I go him mid, and I wanna try to get him to lvl 4 in mastery points (which I will do even if we win or lose). We go into the game with a support Skarner with flash and ghost. Yeah... I didn't know if it was good or not, so I waited to see. I put out my turrets in the middle of lane, and see that I'm meeting Malzahar. I thought that its going to be pretty easy, and that I was going to get happy again. But I was wrong. No one in the team ss'ed except me. MF came mid all the time, and at the end of the game she had 24/2/8 as score. I got no ganks from our jungle, Irelia, and I got no help in the few fights we had. All of the sudden, I was told I was going to be reported for not being a good teammate. Apparently I was feeding. The one who told me this was Graves, and he doesnt deserve to have that goddamned Riot Graves skin. This was the worst teammate I have seen in a while. No pings, although he claimed that he pinged at the end of the game, no concern over that MF was getting fed by him and Skarner, and a total donk in general. He wasted time writing instead of playing, he even spent more time to write sentences with big letters at the beginning. Please, tell me that someone is having a worse time than me in League right now...

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