Good monday morning! \(^.^)/

\*vending machine hug* (Okay, not exactly a vending machine, but in the plot it says "he can throw vending machines" :<) #How are you all doing? :3 I personally am doing oddly great, it's at least somewhat bright outside and I have hopes for a calm day. Let's see how justified they will be. ;) #How was everyone's last week? For me it was the usual mix of work, play, sleep, so not much to mention there. Tried to go somewhere with my father for father's day (I think that's a different date in every Country? In mine at least it was yesterday), but ofc he's busy with work as always. v.v (He's working as waiter, so that's why Weekends aren't automatically free for him) In terms of league... had some fun playing Hexkill, discovered AD poke-champs for myself, but my friend Keep yelling at me to stop showing off when enemies ran into my 20/0 Varus arrows... :( I changed back to taking Mid primary and Fill secondary in ranked... and I gotta say, I think they changed something. The 10 games I played I got mid 5 times and Support 5 times, which is completely fine by me. (I actually don't know why I Event ook fill and not Support... but it's working. x3) On that note: started playing Taliyah in ranked (will still take some time to get fully used to) and actually got back to playing Lux Support more frequently (it's... "alright"). Main reason for that is that I had 3 quite unlucky games when playing all out serious, so I decided to take it at least a bit more laid back. > Edit: I almost forgot to say that Jhin punished me for not stoping at a Quadra. The Qudra was nice and smooth, everything perfect, but greedy me flashes after the 5th, AA-granade, and they only have 200 hp left... \*annoyed releadong noises\* **Shut down!** :'( #What are your plans for this week? As always, you have to help my out here by sharing yours, as I can't really share anything. :p I hardly got to watch any Anime, so I might try to get more of that again (I actually discovered "God Eater" last week, which I quite licked the first few episodes off, but didn't get far with it yet) And I concluded that there are too many nic emid champs. I already struggle choosing between Lux and Tali, but I kinda wanna take Ahri and Varus into my pool... :s On that note I really should learn another Support next to Janna (I'll just not count Lux for now) -------------- Anyhows.... (And an awesome follow up week!)
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