Strange and bizzare event that i`ve experienced

So yesteday something really strange happedned to me and i dont know how to explain it or wat it meant.So i was just finnishing the game and took a pause after it and when i come back i noticed that someone sends me a friend request.I didnt recognize the IGN ,but i was curious who it was and why he wanted to add me. Soon after i added him and asked him who he was and why does he wanted to add me?He then immidiatelly asked me the same questions and i was like surpised by that so i responded to him,but u sended me friend request not vice versa.He responded with something like i dont know u,but i remember we played together, on which i replied that i dont remeber him or that we played toghether.He then answers me with I dont know u and i dont remember we played together, I found that creepy as hell and i removed him from friend list the second after that, I checked his profile too see in his match history to try to recall if we indeed played together.Soon after it clicked me,and i remembered who he was and when we played. We played the day before he decided to add me in some regular normal game. He played duo with his budy in that game,and i recalled arguing with his friend after that game in post screen and i was a little toxic toward his friend and when i left he decided to add me and i was like ignoring it because i thought he was gonna flame me after and yesterday like i said he sends me the friend request again,but by that time i forgot who he was, So now it really bugges me what does he wanted to accomplish by that because it really creeps me out....
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