My thoughts on Overwatch

Now Now, before you insult me or something i just want to be friendly and tell you what i think about that game and the current state of League. I bought overwatch and played the beta, i really enjoyed it, its fresh, cool vibe and awesome characters, but the thing i love the most is the fact that even if you go on a 10 kill streak you can still be killed easily, there are only heroes and not classes, no items no go ahead mechanics wich i really like, League has become really stale without life and boring. 1-20min = Farm 20min-end = Just kill those 1st 20 minutes are so painfull, it's so boring to just play lol for now, i know that itemization is crucial in League and it makes the game unique, but for now i'm not gonna rage and cry and tell how lol sucks etc, but will say that i will take a break from League for a bit, hope to play in a few Weeks or Months :) Good Luck On The Rift {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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