should riot unban all players ?

So yes me my self got permanently banned 5 times xD and evry time its diffrent story i got banned for saying report,for saying hardstuck gold, for saying i will int etc and i think many more players have same problem for getting permanently banned for some dumb reasson while riot just says its rightfully apllayed and when i ask them to mark what words i said that were bannable they just ignore it xD.I personaly lost alot of money and effort for those accounts and its desturbing AF so i tought evry permanentlly banned account should be unbaned with some sort of dissability like permanent chat resstriction but account back or just permanent full chat lock for evry account that was banned so u can keep toxic players that were banned away from flaming and being negative in game,but give them their accounts back their money and their effort i wohuld more like to have 2 years chat resstriction or permanent chat lock then permaban that i cant even play on my accoutns Comment your tought and ideas about it and hopefully riot sees this :D

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