Im a good adc, but my positioning sucks!

im a good adc, hell i even get complimented a lot by my team and enemys on a daily basis, i win lane like 80% of the time with random supports if im not with my premade, however my biggest weakness is mid game during teamfights, everyone says that my positioning sucks and that I always frontline, My counter argument is that if everyone (including tanks) are to scared to go frontline, then wtf am i supposed to do? sit at the fountain? you see when ever the enemy try and take a tower, my whole team cowards and sits behind the tower, leaving me at the front trying to clear the waves.. if it isnt me trying to lead the team, then no one is... for once i actually stayed at the back line like im supposed to.. what happened? my team where to scared to iniate any type of teamfight leaving the enemy with two free mid towers... ive been told to pick champs like ezreal and tristana that are much more forgiving if i get caught out of position to try and re-position myself.. is that a good idea? what makes me so mad, is that my team blames my positioning, when there the ones doing jack all crap and not even bothering to go in front of me and to even bother peeling me, (my supports in 90% of games think their madlife and decide to all in their team instead of peeling me... always leaving me exposed to a 1v2 against assassins and bruisers...
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