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So, I had a Ranked game yesterday. One teammate didnt perform well in the early game and was insulted by another teammate about his nationality. First teammate snaps and stops contributing to fights and objectives, actively tries to steal CS in front of others, flashes for nothing, uses ult for CSing and wants the insulter to apologize and say his nation is the best. Meanwhile top (Our Garens vs enemy Riven) cries he received no ganks and called for surrender often. Our bot (Me Support with the ADC that insulted the mid player nationality) was FAR ahead and our jungle too. Game would have been an easy win within 35 minutes if we got our forces together, but it turned into what you can see in my chatlog (no, I wasnt punished for saying anything, I asked Support for my chatlog and got it)... [1:27] Stahlvormund (Thresh): thx [1:41] Stahlvormund (Thresh): nah I wasnt paying attention either lol [3:53] Stahlvormund (Thresh): warded [5:25] Stahlvormund (Thresh): lee bot [7:56] Stahlvormund (Thresh): if you want me to play more aggressive, just clear some more minions out of the way ok luc? [9:19] Stahlvormund (Thresh): sona no ult [10:35] [All] Stahlvormund (Thresh): ok [11:56] Stahlvormund (Thresh): wurth [13:12] Stahlvormund (Thresh): le beautiful farm :/ [13:44] Stahlvormund (Thresh): wp [14:00] Stahlvormund (Thresh): bot no heal [14:03] Stahlvormund (Thresh): and no f [14:11] Stahlvormund (Thresh): np [14:47] Stahlvormund (Thresh): u2 [15:48] Stahlvormund (Thresh): u die [16:14] Stahlvormund (Thresh): baitß [17:02] Stahlvormund (Thresh): why you got MR? [20:04] Stahlvormund (Thresh): sona [23:03] Stahlvormund (Thresh): 4 bot [23:22] Stahlvormund (Thresh): pls guys focus, you all want the LP too, right? [25:55] Stahlvormund (Thresh): wp fiddle [26:51] Stahlvormund (Thresh): out [26:53] Stahlvormund (Thresh): wp! [27:17] Stahlvormund (Thresh): lets not throw now [27:21] Stahlvormund (Thresh): we got the lead [27:24] Stahlvormund (Thresh): next inhibs [27:55] Stahlvormund (Thresh): dont you want to win? [28:48] Stahlvormund (Thresh): he is a beast :) [28:59] Stahlvormund (Thresh): xin bot tower pls [29:02] Stahlvormund (Thresh): nice [29:55] Stahlvormund (Thresh): fiddle, you will meet other ppl in the next match [30:01] Stahlvormund (Thresh): for this match, just play and get the LP [30:53] Stahlvormund (Thresh): np [30:59] Stahlvormund (Thresh): few sec [31:01] Stahlvormund (Thresh): now b [31:07] Stahlvormund (Thresh): hm [31:13] Stahlvormund (Thresh): sadly noone to help :( [31:42] Stahlvormund (Thresh): fiddle if you want to get out of this elo and away from us, get the LP and lets win [33:36] Stahlvormund (Thresh): fiddle pls I beg you [33:40] Stahlvormund (Thresh): at least do it for me [33:57] Stahlvormund (Thresh): lucian your speech isnt helping [34:14] Stahlvormund (Thresh): wp [34:19] Stahlvormund (Thresh): I still got hope [34:22] Stahlvormund (Thresh): and I want my LP [35:14] Stahlvormund (Thresh): exposed inhibs [39:03] Stahlvormund (Thresh): gop to garen [39:52] Stahlvormund (Thresh): WP! [40:07] Stahlvormund (Thresh): see, we could win easily if we play together [40:27] Stahlvormund (Thresh): 20sec [40:30] Stahlvormund (Thresh): 15 [40:35] Stahlvormund (Thresh): 10 [40:39] Stahlvormund (Thresh): ok no baron [40:42] Stahlvormund (Thresh): its too late [41:15] Stahlvormund (Thresh): please lucian, jsut say it [41:58] Stahlvormund (Thresh): please lucian, just say what he wants to hear [42:04] Stahlvormund (Thresh): so we can finish this [42:47] Stahlvormund (Thresh): you know, I dont like french, spanish and british ppl, but I dont go out and say I hate them [43:08] Stahlvormund (Thresh): he wants you to say Spain or Spanish is the best [44:02] Stahlvormund (Thresh): WP! [44:03] Stahlvormund (Thresh): END [45:34] Stahlvormund (Thresh): well 3 inhibs down [45:36] Stahlvormund (Thresh): thats something [45:59] Stahlvormund (Thresh): elder drake can be ours [46:06] Stahlvormund (Thresh): after respawn [47:36] Stahlvormund (Thresh): ggwp guys As you can see, I tried my best to pull our team together and focus for the victory, but boy, was it a struggle.. Edit: Here the link to the match history:
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