did Riot decide to make Taliyah transgender anyway? (Neeko voice-line)

I was just looking through the voice-lines from Neeko that were on the league of legends wikia and it says that when Neeko mimics Taliyah she will say "Hmm... Neeko not the only one who changes." .. could this mean that Taliyah perhaps changed her physical form, kinda of like Neeko? I remember there is a tweet from a "Daniel Z. Klein" on twitter that was linked in Taliyahs /trivia wikia page where he says that Taliyah were supposed to be transgender early on in development ( https://twitter.com/danielzklein/status/1030317366247215104 ) .. so perhaps Taliyah transitioned? Of course, just Neeko saying that Taliyah has changed as well is very vague, but isn't Taliyahs personality very much about being a solid rock and standing up for your beliefs? she still holds a grudge against Azir because she blames him for the downfall of Shurima, no? she doesn't seem to be very welcome to change, so it seems a bit strange to me im not claiming this to be anything solid, but it just hit me when i read that voice-line and i thought i'd make a post to see if anyone else has any ideas about this (also this is my first post on the forums so my apologies if "OFF-TOPIC" is a completely board to post this thing on) earthbenders rule
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