Plat to Silver 4 - Took me years to get to Plat! And I think I'm done with LOL now

Season 2 - Bronze Season 3 - Bronze Season 4 - Gold 5 Season 5 - Plat 5 Season 6 - Silver 4 I'm not spending time again having to deal with all the shit I've had to do over the last 2/3 years. to carry my team in a high % of games. 6 promo fails to silver! Silver was a nightmare for the amount of nasty, toxic players you have to deal with. Gold wasn't as worse, but Dame some people would pref to ruin the game for you then win. I just make it to play 5. and fighting for my position. then Season 6, Silver 4. No thank you, I'm Done. No worth having to deal with this again.
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