8 stupid things that lol players say

1. A player in youre team says I'm AP or I feed 2. There is allways a person who starts to say gg gg gg gg and so on after your team gets the first blood 3. Calls u for feeder after two deaths.... 4. Players who dose not respond to what u are saying O.o 5. I have to go bye, i mean why iven play when u know u dont have timme for it?! 6. There is not a game withpot somebody saying noob to u --___-- 7. When you want to do the dragon as a jungel player and u ping for support but no body listens and u do the dragon on your owne then u die they call u for a dumb jungel player.... 8. Sell youre skin when u die 3 or 4 timmes....
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