Riot should remove this ban system its ridicilouss

Play a game do good, flame 1 guy cause he's trolling going shaco mid and then 1-10 saying trust me... in champ select , and his duo mate doing the same feeding, then i get reported for flaming them and get punished cause i try to win ? seriously get fcked riot . Game 1 Pre-Game FullMonsterGarou: good so 1 dodges FullMonsterGarou: so the enemy can have ... the smurf FullMonsterGarou: and we get the ... FullMonsterGarou: shaco mid ofc FullMonsterGarou: i hate this fcking game ill troll too FullMonsterGarou: why he ask FullMonsterGarou: im going fullll int FullMonsterGarou: full int mode FullMonsterGarou: full brother full FullMonsterGarou: atleast my mains not banned FullMonsterGarou: ill go mordekaiser FullMonsterGarou: hmmm mao i remember multiple matches In-Game FullMonsterGarou: 2 games shaco 1 game jax i am so proud of u guys FullMonsterGarou: ? blitz lies ? FullMonsterGarou: they have 0 games on their champ , they are still silver FullMonsterGarou: nice FullMonsterGarou: saying u dont use ? blitz? FullMonsterGarou: no then sstt FullMonsterGarou: muted 3 FullMonsterGarou: shaco fcking noob FullMonsterGarou: who cares u lost from a ignite lux FullMonsterGarou: with comet FullMonsterGarou: lux gonan 1 shot me even FullMonsterGarou: in all my years of conquest FullMonsterGarou: blood violance.. FullMonsterGarou: but to what end hecarim ? FullMonsterGarou: malice ( i destroyed hecarim and maokai top killed hecarim and nearly mao he managed to get out so i make a thanos quote ,, why is all my chat being taken into this is oblivious and thats why riot is stupid as fck ) ( then shaco says i am toxic ) FullMonsterGarou: ye right toxic FullMonsterGarou: back to freeze lane FullMonsterGarou: why u ping me ? FullMonsterGarou: yes my lane ? FullMonsterGarou: 30 farm maokai FullMonsterGarou: 70 for me Thats right he is so totally dominated by now i have a 40 + farm lead FullMonsterGarou: whats up ? FullMonsterGarou: 55 % here still climbing you ? FullMonsterGarou: lol FullMonsterGarou: bet jhin 4 FullMonsterGarou: ahahahaha 4 on 2 FullMonsterGarou: and jhin rectificies them ( you read this correctly , shaco jax blitz and kaisai couldnt kill a janna and jhin , yet jhin kills 3 of them ) thats my game fun right ? FullMonsterGarou: ahahaha FullMonsterGarou: shaco FullMonsterGarou: \hmm FullMonsterGarou: that tower range modification is good FullMonsterGarou: ahahahahahaha Here i do a double kill on mao and hecarim . NICUHH FullMonsterGarou: im forced FullMonsterGarou: to buy mercs FullMonsterGarou: i had fate in this kaisai but she only ahs 3 games too :D FullMonsterGarou: report this clown FullMonsterGarou: instead of using q FullMonsterGarou: and ult to escape FullMonsterGarou: u 3 on 1? FullMonsterGarou: tell me FullMonsterGarou: ye FullMonsterGarou: you already are here he is 1-6 i guess and say i will int now ... like he's not doing it already ? ps he made ap mid shaco wutt ? FullMonsterGarou: was already crying in champ select man FullMonsterGarou: dodge lol FullMonsterGarou: then all games i should dodge FullMonsterGarou: look maokai farm and we still lose FullMonsterGarou: you played lux into shaco thats my problem FullMonsterGarou: you help shit FullMonsterGarou: you are deadweight Talking about maokai being the deadweight of the team since he has still 30 farm at this point . FullMonsterGarou: u need all 4 :) FullMonsterGarou: yes and so if 4 is with me FullMonsterGarou: then can take mid tower no ? we will see FullMonsterGarou: lol FullMonsterGarou: lollll FullMonsterGarou: again lol FullMonsterGarou: :) game is 5 o n1 FullMonsterGarou: ill find u shaco FullMonsterGarou: someway or another using vpn .. anyways FullMonsterGarou: will check your forum posts anything related to fb twitter social FullMonsterGarou: ill find u FullMonsterGarou: let me unmute some feeders see what they are saying FullMonsterGarou: 2-5 kaisai FullMonsterGarou: to easy FullMonsterGarou: 2 shots FullMonsterGarou: sad game FullMonsterGarou: im the idiot yes :) Post-Game FullMonsterGarou: shaco mid never plyed shaco before FullMonsterGarou: wonders why hes hardstuck silver after 250 fames FullMonsterGarou: games FullMonsterGarou: hope he gets hit by a bus tommorow morning anyways FullMonsterGarou: kaisai FullMonsterGarou: suporting FullMonsterGarou: the troll FullMonsterGarou: most mean he was either premade FullMonsterGarou: or is totally FullMonsterGarou: delarious FullMonsterGarou: ban for what? FullMonsterGarou: winning top ? FullMonsterGarou: having most farm ? FullMonsterGarou: and 54 % kp ? FullMonsterGarou: no ty blitz FullMonsterGarou: u guys fed and trolled FullMonsterGarou: and im reported? FullMonsterGarou: what a joke FullMonsterGarou: i didnt say that he should harm himself? FullMonsterGarou: i said he should get hit by a bus FullMonsterGarou: people get hit by vehicles everyday FullMonsterGarou: i didnt wish him to be dead FullMonsterGarou: nope FullMonsterGarou: yo 47 % FullMonsterGarou: guy FullMonsterGarou: who has 30 more lost then won i guess? FullMonsterGarou: if its 47 % FullMonsterGarou: make a new acc FullMonsterGarou: i think its beter for u FullMonsterGarou: not u FullMonsterGarou: freak FullMonsterGarou: u got 58 % win rate FullMonsterGarou: and u still are oblivous FullMonsterGarou: that u will lose FullMonsterGarou: this game FullMonsterGarou: u should be the bigger guy FullMonsterGarou: and dodge this one FullMonsterGarou: why should i dodge FullMonsterGarou: every single game FullMonsterGarou: then i get -20 on this too FullMonsterGarou: i just dodged previous too FullMonsterGarou: with a troll mid FullMonsterGarou: so FullMonsterGarou: either play FullMonsterGarou: and lose FullMonsterGarou: or try to win Where in this chat log is it that i should be banned? this is my typical chat routine . and should be legit not bannable cause u are venting . LEts see the other 2 games which to my surprise should be some 2 random games i played and talked a lot. Game 2 Pre-Game FullMonsterGarou: :/ In-Game FullMonsterGarou: pff FullMonsterGarou: u gonna pay for taking my kayn FullMonsterGarou: sad FullMonsterGarou: if we had a jungler.. FullMonsterGarou: push ? FullMonsterGarou: i died here FullMonsterGarou: 3 top my god FullMonsterGarou: lol not only mundo and kayn but ... FullMonsterGarou: even pinged 3 x to come top FullMonsterGarou: definy feed? FullMonsterGarou: ... FullMonsterGarou: not 1 single gank FullMonsterGarou: not 1 FullMonsterGarou: noob FullMonsterGarou: noob FullMonsterGarou: why FullMonsterGarou: so FullMonsterGarou: wowowoww FullMonsterGarou: u killed her wow FullMonsterGarou: and give 4 assists +_1kill FullMonsterGarou: im diamond 1 FullMonsterGarou: u ? FullMonsterGarou: .... FullMonsterGarou: you ult now ? FullMonsterGarou: caiio ? FullMonsterGarou: report cassio .. she litterally saved ult for me FullMonsterGarou: she litterally saves ult for me to die FullMonsterGarou: whore FullMonsterGarou: cassio is a real troll she did that on purpose but he if she wanna lose be my guest FullMonsterGarou: thank god this acc is just a alt FullMonsterGarou: %%%%%%? like im going to save that ... inhab FullMonsterGarou: tats ruight FullMonsterGarou: i saved FullMonsterGarou: your game FullMonsterGarou: csuse u ult MUNDOP FullMonsterGarou: like a silver 5 FullMonsterGarou: report malph FullMonsterGarou: douchebag FullMonsterGarou: he's a idiot comes when we die FullMonsterGarou: mundo carries nothing FullMonsterGarou: u ult FullMonsterGarou: 1 person FullMonsterGarou: doesnt matter Post-Game FullMonsterGarou: bet i did most dmg FullMonsterGarou: 3-10 FullMonsterGarou: and most? wanna bet? FullMonsterGarou: oh looky here FullMonsterGarou: no surprise FullMonsterGarou: yo malph cassio FullMonsterGarou: get hit by a bus ok ? FullMonsterGarou: ty FullMonsterGarou: ill go to my main acc now FullMonsterGarou: u guys are fcking trash FullMonsterGarou: dogs ??? whats wrong , i did most damage and i am 3-10 typical game . Game 3 Pre-Game FullMonsterGarou: hi FullMonsterGarou: nani In-Game FullMonsterGarou: when new champ ? :/ ad c? FullMonsterGarou: second rate gank .. just go through the .. bush FullMonsterGarou: why go from behind FullMonsterGarou: gg top FullMonsterGarou: what does FullMonsterGarou: ivern do ? FullMonsterGarou: you didnt shield me FullMonsterGarou: u didnt damaghe him FullMonsterGarou: report ivern full troll FullMonsterGarou: kanker troll FullMonsterGarou: u never played ivern FullMonsterGarou: AT ALL FullMonsterGarou: AT ALL FullMonsterGarou: i checked FullMonsterGarou: full troll FullMonsterGarou: he has 0 ivern games FullMonsterGarou: 0 FullMonsterGarou: goes ranked cause hes autofilled FullMonsterGarou: plays adc.. FullMonsterGarou: goes fcking ivern and then feeds jax on top FullMonsterGarou: fcking troll FullMonsterGarou: you gank like a minnion FullMonsterGarou: this is a gank .. FullMonsterGarou: thats a gank FullMonsterGarou: doesnt even need jax FullMonsterGarou: get aids ivern seriously why troll in ranked FullMonsterGarou: fcking aids kurva FullMonsterGarou: Get slit man FullMonsterGarou: withiout my ult ivern does nothing FullMonsterGarou: ill report u FullMonsterGarou: u are trolling FullMonsterGarou: thats the sad part FullMonsterGarou: u stood in lane to gave free kill that was fun right ? FullMonsterGarou: uch FullMonsterGarou: how FullMonsterGarou: jax wtf how u lose to a support FullMonsterGarou: ivern is like a support i just read online FullMonsterGarou: moron FullMonsterGarou: hes idiot dont mind him FullMonsterGarou: qqsss FullMonsterGarou: ivern ... useless Post-Game FullMonsterGarou: ivern dont play this game KAPPA FullMonsterGarou: why does he play ivern jungle when u got so many beter junglers pfff FullMonsterGarou: still out farmed everybody ( we won this game cause of me ? who even reported me in this one nobody .. maybe ivern cause he;s butthurt trolling ? Yes 14 days ban then just ban me permanently riot cause my chat wont change at all , trust me this is my typical chat routine and if this is not tollerated by riot's competitives game , just perma ban me it;s better. all my accounts please since i got no plan in changing what i say when i got a retarted troll forcing me to say that he's trash and should uninstall , just %%%%ing implemt trial games already to see people are aducate to go into ranked in the first place, playing the role they are playing .
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