"Overwatch" in League of Legends ?

I'd like to introduce you to an idea i had. Why not create an "Overwatch" System (yes im talking about the Overwatch from CS:GO) in League. Thous tweaking it to act as an Overwatch for People Trolling etc. It would be done via Spectate and like in CS:GO there should be rank restriction (or something equivalent). The people beeing Overwatched should then be punished with a kind of Rank System on how heavy the "Trolling" etc. was. People who were Overwatched recently should have "heavier" Punish Options (like normally you could choose between: Chat Restriction Fillerx, Fillery and with the heavier Option only Fillerx and Fillery would be an option to choose from) Also the People Reviewing should be rewarded for their effort to better the community. Well as for now that is only an Idea im having and I would like to hear you thought to it. Comment below :) ~Julian
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