Do any of you listen to others on the forums. WE TOLD YOU TIME AND TIME AGAIN that was going to take MORE THAN EXPECTED. You think that just because Riot gave a date of release, you actually think its going to be accomplished in those days? "but they promised it would be from the 28th of June to the 1st of July." Well guess what amigos!!!! THIS IS GLOBAL REWARD. Let me be clear GLOBAL REWARD. Riot has to program machines to send over ONE MILLION rewards to EVERY REGION that they own. There are a total of 10 regions and 9 of those regions are participating. You honestly think they can send that many rewards in 4 days??? May I remind you about the mystery skin earlier this year??? IT TOOK OVER A MONTH, and Riot stated that it would last ONE WEEK. Its not about keeping a promise, its about having a big @ss community. We all think that EUW/EUNE is the center of all 10 regions but it aint. We will all get our mystery champion in the next couple of days, maybe even next week. SO PLEASE calm down. If there something I have to say about our region is that we DON NOT LEARN FROM PAST EXPERIENCE (except a few with a brain). Now, hate on me, down vote the thread, disagree with me, I dont care. I warned everybody about this outcome and only a few people cared to take my advice. So I suggest that if YOU SEE A FRIENDLY FORUM USER IS GIVING INFORMATION IS ADVANCE, YOU TAKE IT. Because right now half of EU is asking the same stupid question.
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