I underwent the cancer surgery.

Hello everyone. As some of you guys are aware by know, i am doing fine and was operated quite fast. I am undergoing the chemotherapy, but that is going on pretty well too (not). Some of my hair is a bit unstable and it falls off a lot more than in a normal persons life, but i am doing amazingly well. Some of your guys comments made me incredibly happy and i felt loved and supported throughout this journey. The surgery took place a lot earlier due to the risk of spreading throughout my body, and what i thought would be scary on the operating table really wasn't. I was under local anesthesia, and it was my first time experiencing something like this. To speak with truth, i definitely was and still am a bit more worried about chemotherapy than the surgery itself. I feel like the other one is a lot longer and has its own side effects, many of which make me sleepy as hell. Believe it or not, right after a day or so after my surgery, i was motivated to play League of Legends. Nothing else. I couldn't wait to open up a game and play, and i did. It feels weird how your positive attitude about something can change all of the bad sides that might happen.. I don't know why, but instead of sleeping i am playing this game. It's so addicting and i promised to myself that i will main Lux, although that is going pretty slow and bad for now. She is a bit hard for me. I missed the Boards, so i was always thinking about it and had to proceed to comment a few times on some of the threads, make a thread myself, even. I just miss the normal "everything". It's pretty normal for now, and i should be grateful for everything and how it went fine and all. But i am under constant exhaustion and i don't want to eat anything, which does give me a headache. I should probably leave all of this behind for a little bit and focus on myself, the only issue i have is that i was always focused on myself, and it gets pretty sad and lonely. The truth is, i can't take my eyes off the current popular threads and everything else that is happening with Ornn. I feel like i just may pass out, but it's worth it. At the end of the day, bad or not for me and however brutal it might sound, League is my first game that i entirely dedicated my time to. And it's just so fun. I am a bit sad that i had a lose - streak because of myself, but i just love playing. That is all for now. I hope this chemotherapy lasts a bit shorter.. It's driving me on the negative side, and i knew that this is gonna happen. I will try and do my best, though. Maybe i will get better soon, in terms of lowering the side effects that constantly happen. Just now, i feel like my soul is asleep, but my heart wants to play. I wonder when my days are counted one day, will i still be playing until i fall asleep? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} **Take care, xo.**
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