Vote Diana for President!

Ah yes, hello my friends. The news that WE, the LoL community, will have the honor of being able to choose a champion ( out of 3 ) that will receive a skin with an All-Star theme ( my guess a fire/ice skin or something like that ). Info here. Now i was very glad to see that my fav champion DIANA ( queen ) was one of the 3 champs running in this vote ( Naut and Teemo are the other 2 ). Now i beg all of you to gather some common sense and vote for Diana. Diana only has 2 skins ( which are both fine but NOT great skins ) while Naut and Teemo both a have a fair amount + they both got new skins fairly recently. In addition, a fire/ice skin would look good on Diana and idk what that would look like on either Teemo or Naut. So please when the voting starts ( 30th November) make sure to vote for Diana because i know that if she doesn't get this skin she will remain forgotten by Riot and maybe a get a skin in winter 2017. SO EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE DIANA ONCE THE VOTING STARTS ON THE 30th NOVEMBER ON THE LOL ESPORTS PAGE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! LETS SHOW OUR LOVE FOR DIANA.{{champion:131}}<3 {{champion:131}}<3 {{champion:131}}
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