I think someone is stalking me. Help. Or is this just some evil prank?

Hi! I need some help from you guys. Yesterday someone added me on LoL out of nowhere and he wanted to play a match with LoL with me. Sounds innocent right? But further down in the conversation below he started mentioning my birthday, exact place where I live (exact neighborhood, and the neighborhood is very small). And in the conversation where he mentioned that i played mw1 and mw2, and later bought a pc, it gets really creepy. Because almost no one just remember that information, and I can't think of anyone who would prank me like this. I am just sitting here with chills down my spine because he says things like it's taken out from a Illuminati movie or something. And I changed region from EUNE to EUW between 26/27 February, and I am the only one who knows that! How fucking creepy is that! "We know something via some of your friends, but we paid them and they promised not to tell you. It was some years ago and still they haven't said anything yet. You have some good friends :)" This sentence really freaks me out. Like what the fuck. I don't know what to even say. I really need some opinions on this [20:39] Me: ? [20:40] Stalker: Hi [20:41] Me: who are u? [20:41] Stalker: I'm a guy from Germany searching for bronze-players [20:42] Me: aand? [20:42] Stalker: I am Gold 3, and I want to play with Bronzes Do you want to play with me? [20:42] Me: sure but not today [20:42] Stalker: Nice, why not? D: After you are finished? I promise win [20:43] Me: becuz its late [20:43] Stalker: Nah, cmon dude.. Just 1 match :D 1 free win Oh shiiit! I wrote Gold 3. hahahah! I am Platinum 3** [20:46] Me: sry, I have school tomorrow, so we can play tomorrow after school :) [20:48] Stalker: Yes, send me a message to let me know when you are ready, you will rank up if you play with me ;) 30/05/2016 [17:05] : Hi You want to play? Remember me from yesterday? :) [16:09] Me: yes are u really plat 3? [17:07] Stalker: Yeah, I promise [16:09] Me: or are u just a Level 30 player looking for other players to play with? [17:07] Stalker: hahah :P Play with me and you will see [16:10] Me: it says u cant be invited "inegible duo partner" [17:09] Stalker: what? I try to invite you but it says inegible duo partner [16:12] Me: http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1795562 [17:10] Stalker: It means that I have higher rank than you [16:13] Me: rip [17:10] Stalker: yep Where do you live? [16:13] Me: Country1 [17:11] Stalker: Nice, you live in a place called Location1 or something like that? [16:14] Me: Location1 how did u know that? [17:12] Stalker: I am there sometimes [16:14] Me: oh really [17:12] Stalker: Yes [16:15] Me: out of all the places in Country1,. u just guessed Location1? wtf what are the odds What is ur name on Facebook? [17:13] Stalker: I won't tell you :) [16:15] Me: lol how did u guess i lived in Location1? i smell ip tracker [17:13] Stalker: no no my friend, and I know some places near Location1 [16:16] Me: oh like whta? [17:15] Stalker: Location2, Location3, Location4 und Location5 I was on party last summer [16:17] Me: hahahaha what are the odds? wtf how old are u? [17:15] Stalker: 21, and you? [16:18] Me: 17 [17:16] Stalker: Nice [16:18] Me: wow I actually live on Location4 wow, the odds are like 1/100000 [17:16] Stalker: Nice, in Neighborhood1 maybe? [16:19] Me: hahahahaha nice ip tracker [16:22] : wtf dude are u a pedophile or something pedophile/hacker [17:20] Stalker: Okay, now I'm getting serious. Because I've watched you played since you start playing LoL [16:23] Me: what??? for how long?? [17:22] Stalker: I am working for something big, something you want to be a part of [16:25] Me: wtf is this some prank or something pro hacker? For how long have u been watching me? [17:24] Stalker: I am a scout and I think you have potential. You know that players like you that play solo have a bigger chance to join a team and so on. Like I said, I see potential and I want to do something My Name [16:27] Me: Wtf I am not that good, lol tbh, im a little scared [17:27] Stalker: We know that for sure, But we recruit people like you to join training team with maybe 50 people from all around the world. After some years, you will maybe join a team. I see you play as Tristana, and you do good You have some bad supports and I want to help you with that part [16:30] Me: Thanks dude this is really weird how did u get all that address info? im frankly a bit frieghtened But I want to ask u, how long how u been watching me? [17:29] Stalker: You are never the problem in a match, you see that? If you get a good top, mid and jng-player you can matches uhm, how long? Let me see Hehe, it was a little bit tricky tracking you, after you chanced region but I think the dato was: in februar maybe? 26/27 februar I have everything on you Don't be scared :) We have that on all players we think have potential [16:34] Me: Is this some kind of genius scam? I am so scared, that was trhe exact date when I changed region And how did find out about me before I changed region? Just asking, just to clear up [17:34] Stalker: I promise it's not scam :) I have a way more important job than working for LoL, I can't tell you exactly, but you have a golden ticked in your pocket. :) [16:37] Me: Wow this is quite amazing I accept your offer :) seems really inetresting [17:40] Stalker: Since you are 17 years old, turning 18 in mars (3) We will take this slow because you are under 18, but I will tell you some heavy information that will affect your life in many years [15:43] Me: Wow What heavy information? [17:47] Stalker: Like I told you, you will join this training-club. The teachers are Leauge of Legends players like Lifecoach, former player for Hearthstone and many other old pro Leauge of Legends players. [15:51] Me: This is quite the opportunity for me. This sounds really exiting and interesting! [17:49] Stalker: Teachers: Marin, Ssumday, Smeb, Godfather Trace, Cain, IWDominate and much more [15:52] Me: Cool! [17:51] Stalker: Some of them were on the same team But we know really much about you, so do not think this is a scam [15:54] Me: But HOW much do you know about me? It's really uncomfortable to have a stranger come up to me and say all this personal information about you. Don't get me wrong, I am really interested in this, but I just want to know how you got my personal information :) [17:54] Stalker: I understand that you are uncomfortable in this situation summoner, but we know much more about you than we are allowed to :) [17:56] : We like to recruit people that are still in bronze, because this good potential can be turned into something. good* [15:59] Me: Cool! What is this training club called? [17:58] Stalker: Yes, the gold and platinum players are good, but they got their own playstyle now and play in their own way. You are still in the learning phase and if you are thaught right from the beginning you can be better than all the Gold, Platinum - - - - could ever be [16:01] Me: Wow, cool! But what is the training-club called?^ I'm really interested [17:59] Stalker: The key is to be thaught from the beginning, you understand our thinking [16:02] Me: Yes [18:00] Stalker: The training club We change the name each year because this club should not get known. Because the only way for people in that club to be famous, is to get better than most of the people in that club so they can join [16:05] Me: This sounds really like a scam, but I have my faith in you. [18:03] Stalker: a higher team like ROX Tigers, G2 Esports and more My Name :) [16:09] Me: Which personal information do you know about me? Just as a security question [18:07] Stalker: If you promise that you will not sue us, I can tell you something we know We know a lot so we can't tell you everything we know [16:10] Me: Yes I won't sue you [18:08] Stalker: Okay First I can tell you a little about how we know this information [18:15] : We know something via some of your friends, but we paid them and they promised not to tell you. It was some years ago and still they haven't said anything yet. You have some good friends :) [16:18] Me: Is this Illuminati? What the hell? [18:16] Stalker: You think it's weird that we knew about you even BEFORE you played LoL, right? [16:19] Me: Is this some prank? [18:17] Stalker: I will explain [18:23] : A long time ago you played mw1 and mw2, then you bought a pc like I hoped. You made steam and played cs go. I was afraid you never got in touch with LoL but I made you play it. It's complicate to tell you that part We are not ready to tell you that part yet. The focus now is Leauge of Legends [19:28] Me: This is too amazing to be true. What. The. Heck. [18:28] Stalker: Can we talk more about this tomorrow My Name? :) [19:28] Me: Yes I am amazed and freightened at the same time
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