Impossible for me to get to Silver

I had 3 failed promos before i got in my 4th attempt to get to Silver 5 And guess what? I lost my promos yet again Do you know why? I'll tell you why. Because I always have that one guy that feeds in first 5 minutes and then leaves the game and the rest of us to suffer I am not kidding All my promos are like that Why when you are in promos don't you get connected with people that are also in promos, and not some awful players This might sound to you like classic bronze whining and blaming someone else But I am not done yet I had win-lose-win-lose and it was my last game of the promos I get in champ select and guess what i see in chat? A couple of guys saying they are gonna troll Now idk if it was because someone got autofilled and didn't get the lane he wanted or because their Yasuo was banned Anyways a guy was telling the other guy and me to leave while we have the chance, so i left, because I don't want trolls in my games And somehow I'm not in promos anymore and lost 10 LP Was it because I left in champ select or because it didn't tell me after my second lose that I failed my promos The moral of the story is: I can't get to silver because things like these always happen in my promos PS: I'm Silver 4 in twisted treeline So if i can be silver there that just shows that I can be silver elsewhere But I always get normal people in twisted treeline, unlike here
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