My Duo Friend is Feeding Most of The Time

Okay, most of my friends are pretty decent at the game and never feed 90% of the time.But there is a friend of mine just does the same mistakes everytime I even tell him that DONT DO IT PLEASE but he keeps doing it anyway.I'm here for some advises getting my friend good.For some example, if he dies 1 time a the start of the match he'll die again for 3-4 times again at the same place because he never learns it!And his excuses are I'm trolling, not taking it seriously.But this is giving me secret cancer and I really don't want to hurt his feelings too ;_; he always tells me to lets duo for ranked and i say no please no and go offline. IN SHORT IS THERE A WAY I CAN TEACH MY FRIEND MISTAKES HE SHOULDN'T MAKE I TRIED THE 1V1 METHOD AND TRIED PLAYING LIKE BRONZE 5 BUT HE STILL KEPT DYING TO ME SO THAT WAY IS BUSTED.[+we play normal games for reason above but whenever i lose with a duo-trio its because of his feedings]
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