Why is Lucian so weak compared to other adc´s (especially in the early game???)

{{champion:236}} has before been a lane bully against champions like {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} and should also be one against {{champion:145}}. But now it´s the other way around as {{champion:236}} every game is pushed under tower no matter the matchup, this is supposed to be the other way around as Lucian is supposed to be a ADC that is a lane bully. To set this into perspective of how weird this is lets picture {{champion:58}} : {{champion:58}} is and have always been a lane bully in the top lane and is strong in the early game in order to create leads by farming more (because he has more kill pressure) or by simply getting early kills. If Renekton all of a sudden landed in {{champion:236}}´s current situation it would be absolutely crazy as {{champion:58}} then would sit under tower and take poke and miss cs until they made a huge mistake or a gank finally came. I think that {{champion:236}} needs buffs obviously. I think he needs: At least 525 attack range Longer and wider Q range that triggers faster. And i think that his W should have some AD scaling (15-25%) as all the other ADC's either only has AD scaling on all their abilities or even both (like {{champion:145}}) I also think that {{champion:236}} should have a AP ratio on his Q so that he finally can be more versatile into more team-comps and be built as a AP carry instead of the usual Crit build or BoTRK BC build. Pls upvote this discussion, Lucian needs buffs bad.
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