Do not give up, remember to stay focused.

Alright so to start things of, here's a red panda. And so I'll go over to what I wanted to say. Earlier today I got into a game with 4 randoms, I was playing support as per usual and my adc gave hints of being very frightened by the enemy brand + draven setup. She got killed early and, well... Top and mid's reaction was a "Omg botlane." With and answer from the adc with "Omg nautilus." Wooh, this is gonna be fun. {{item:3151}} Or, that was my first thought, i then proceeded by shaking it off, and thinking to myself I would not get influenced by their flame. So I went off and ignored it the first time and giving them all a second chance. It was not deserved at all. First my ADC started flaming me bad. "Why didn't you x" or why did you y" And I had a hard time not going in to try and explain myself but, well most of the time that just adds more fire to the flame. So I muted her. Game went on and jungle had been desperately trying to keep up with all the help my adc wanted and forgot about toplane... _ (Psst, this is where you go "oh shit, not the toplane")_ Toplane started lashing out against the jungler, I answered with "he was needed to shut down the draven" She did not approve of that so, guess what, I muted her. Troughout the game the enemy team had a massive goldlead looking back at the stats now, and since I had muted midlane too for some reason, I had the silence and the time to look at how my team played instead of the chat. Turns out they were playing like the typical tilted person. Going in where they shouldn't have, going alone and on and on. So I started trying to fix their mistakes. Slowly but surely we got back in the game. We got some pickoffs, Fiora started trying better to avoid getting picked off. We took a tower, got four of them, dragon then another tower. While they were taking care of their base, we snuck a baron then ended the game. Trough all the flame, the tilted players and the ones giving up on my team I gave my best to keep my cool. If i had known they had a 7.3k gold lead at 20 minutes I would have given up too. But well, there you have it. A game is not lost untill you have the defeat screen up. Red panda for confidence, now go get that rankup!
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