Banned Unfairly for 15 Days

Soooo I got banned 14 days unfairly at least in my opinion while all I said was stfu (never the full words), "moron", "stupid" and "horrible". Game 1 In-Game Ygladiuz: We got a mad lad Ygladiuz: Absolute mad lad Ygladiuz: He's gonna smite the minions to open up a way to q Ygladiuz: xD Ygladiuz: true Ygladiuz: nah Ygladiuz: karma can we switch Ygladiuz: or heca Ygladiuz: stop talking and gank Ygladiuz: ?? Ygladiuz: heca you suck Ygladiuz: instead of crying Ygladiuz: help Ygladiuz: wut Ygladiuz: where's your q Ygladiuz: finally Ygladiuz: 10 minutes late Ygladiuz: you use it Ygladiuz: Change mid and top Ygladiuz: While ryze isn't too fed Ygladiuz: he counters me hard Ygladiuz: stfu heca Ygladiuz: You crying won't change the game Ygladiuz: So even if i flash through Ygladiuz: you hit me Ygladiuz: sounds right Ygladiuz: for real? Ygladiuz: I never played ryze Ygladiuz: Report heca pls Ygladiuz: Report the Heca for being toxic Ygladiuz: Doesn't stop crying all game Ygladiuz: gg Ygladiuz: ekko Ygladiuz: youa re dead Ygladiuz: why didnt you get out Ygladiuz: heca get anger management classes Ygladiuz: heca go to bedf Ygladiuz: You're grumpy Ygladiuz: f Ygladiuz: f Ygladiuz: f Ygladiuz: f Ygladiuz: f Ygladiuz: gg Ygladiuz: Heca you are horrible as a jungler Ygladiuz: If you ganked me this would never happen Ygladiuz: But you're stupid.. Ygladiuz: You are a jungler that doesn't know how jungle works Ygladiuz: that's worse Ygladiuz: im a mid laner friend Ygladiuz: i got autofilled Ygladiuz: nah Ygladiuz: Uninstall* Ygladiuz: You moron Ygladiuz: Yeah Ygladiuz: Keeps crying over a normal game Ygladiuz: gg Ygladiuz: Report hevca Ygladiuz: Pls Ygladiuz: For being toxic as hell Ygladiuz: Heca is a god Ygladiuz: Disguised as a player Ygladiuz: Ryze is op Ygladiuz: penta Ygladiuz: gg Ygladiuz: Good job! :DDD Ygladiuz: 2 pentas Ygladiuz: goo Ygladiuz: nooo Ygladiuz: oof I don't know if there's anything I can do to remove this ban that I believe is unfair and I just got into christmas break from classes and can't even play... SMH
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