A small tip to make your games more enjoyable!

Writing this one word in Champ Select: #Hello! Recently, I started to consistently greet my teammates whenever I enter the Champion Selection. I felt like if we're going to spend the next 20-50 minutes together, saying "hi" should be normal. I like to expand on this a little to make it even more effective, upon entering Champ Select, I'm writing "_Hey, how are you?_" , "_Hi, how's life_?" or anything similar. If people respond, it's usually **either **something along the lines of "_Fine, how are you?_", **or**, if that person happens to be a memelord, it's "_OMG life sucks/ I'm doing terrible_" Whatever the response is, **it breaks the ice!** People might start talking based on that, I tease them/make jokes, or just wish them good luck. --- #What's the point? _I'm here to wreck enemies, not to have a chat!_ Even a small and seemingly meaningless interaction like saying hi + smalltalk can have a great effect going into the game! - It improves team morale - Teammates are less likely to tilt - It can lead to fun/good conversations - Teammates are less likely to flame/blame you - Teammates are more likely to trust your calls and actions ---- #Why can this have such a strong effect on my teammates? It establishes a baseline for every following interaction ingame! We humans are incredibly social beings, and first impressions are very important to our brains. By starting the game with a friendly/neutral greeting, you are signaling people a few things: - It's alright to talk casually in this match - You are a friend - You're here to have fun People will often mirror the behavior they are presented! ---- _In addition to setting the "social guidelines" for the match, you are actively humanizing yourself._ **Dehumanization** is a huge deal in videogames! We refer to each other by our champion's names, we don't have much time to chat, and we're not even on their screens for most of the time. Especially if other people start blaming/ flaming you, it's partly because they forget that they're talking to real people! The importance of humanizing us players has alos been touched in a recent [article by Riot.](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/01/the-human-side-of-emotes/) They mention how emotes contribute to humanization. >"It felt less like a Jhin and more like a person playing Jhin." {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} The bottom line is, I highly suggest everyone to try this. Put as much "effort" in it as you like, you can simply write "hello", or ask people about their days/ tell a joke if you want to make this even more effective.
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