Smurfs in disguise

For the past few months, I've been playing league of legends and i discovered a flaw in the game. For example, in one of my games, there was one player in the enemy team who destroyed us and literally carried his team to victory. He took almost all the kills, destroyed every lane, etc. The game lasted for only 15 minutes. After the game ended, i messaged the player and checked his profile. He's a smurf in disguise. His account is fairly new and he told me that he has multiple accounts. His match history showed that he had won every match and only lost 2 matches. Please explain to me how this is fair? This player ruined our game experience and wasted our time. Skilled players who are in high leagues shouldnt be allowed to create new accounts to play in lower leagues just to own new players. Thats just pathetic and unfair. Also, some of these smurfs take advantage of this flaw and sell these accounts on ebay. So you have unskilled players purchasing accounts and this ruins the ranking system. This is a serious problem that needs to solved. After much thought, i found a solution to this issue and maybe you guys have a better idea feel free to share: I understand that League of Legends is a free to play game but, when it comes to account creation, my suggestion is that you can only create ONE ACCOUNT. After creating your account, it's binded based on your IP address for example. I understand that there are ways to bypass this such as VPN etc.. but it is a way to DISCOURAGE these smurfs. If the player tries to create another account in the LoL website, they recieve a message saying that they have already created an account and they can either choose to reset their password or return to the main menu. Please feel free to share a better idea and we discuss about it! Regards,
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