Happy birthday RIOT, it's just...

> Dear Riot, > > As an active skin collector who really values his products, I must say I'm deeply disappointed. > > I just read that to celebrate your 10 year anniversary you are going to gift (pretty much) every player the RIOT Kayle skin. You know, the one that was so sweet because not everyone was able to get it? Yea that one. > > Just imagine this: You are a championship riven owner, and you sometimes just play her to show off your skin, now imagine RIOT announcing that they are gonna gift everyone that skin! > > Feels good? > > Thought so. > > Now, since you do like that sweet sweet dollar (you're a company, I can't blame you) you are planning on making championship riven available to everyone once again, and since you don't want everyone that owns this skin to quit the game to compensate them with some fancy particles and a nice nice border. > > My question, if you will, is why can't RIOT Kayle owners get at least a border?, i mean, it's not THAT hard to make that right? Because it means a lot, a lot more then giving me a random skin to stop me from complaining. > > I would have expected to, if you were to give everyone a skin, you could make a special one just for this, and gift that to everyone, but i guess it's not worth the effort since you don't make many money's of it. Thats ok > > All I'm asking is to not make 99% of the community happy, and forget the 1%. > Because face it, it doesn't feel nice when all your class gets invited to a birthday party, except that one kid in the corner. Think about that. > > Thanks for your time! > > Sincerely, > > Willem 'WillieTheWhale' Klok

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