Farewell League (Yes, this is a rant, but a heartfelt one)

I'm going to preface this with: '**This is a rant, I'm frustrated with the state of the game. It's just my opinion and it doesn't have to mean anything to anyone.**' I love this game,_ truly_. I love the world, the lore, the cinematics, the music Riot release, the LCS - I **love it all** it's wonderful and I'll continue to watch the LCS and worlds and follow the game, but I'm not going to play it anymore. Today I uninstalled the game because _**this season**_ especially has just been so _**frustrating**_, near enough every game I am getting stressed out; vary rarely does a game feel hard fought, defeats are stomps and so are victories. The game is just a coin toss at this point, heads you win, tails you lose. My main issues with it have to be: > **There is far too much access to damage**, on ALL types of champions and I understand there are people who love one-shotting people, there are people who love tanking everything, there are people who love healing 100% of their health and it's difficult to appeal to all those fantasies. However, the issue arises when champions start fulfilling **ALL** of those fantasies, when a single champion starts tanking everything, one-shotting everything and healing up everything problems start to arise and to the people who have that kind of fantasy? I'm sorry, but league isn't the game for you. You shouldn't be able to do all of that, but despite this Riot seem to keep appealing to this fantasy and focusing on it and while I'm sure that attracts players - it's also pushing players away and is incredibly frustrating to play against. > **The late game**, this still exists in the game but in a very loose sense - it's not what it used to mean (ie; post 30 minutes and well farmed) no, now this means a 20 min Vayne with 2 items absolutely destroying your team, and with the addition of tower plating it's unlikely you take a tower before 14 minutes - so in most games "early" focused champions have about 6 minutes to end a game after the first tower before a late game champion just takes over and dominates the rest of the game. > **Top lane**, this lane is just a mess - I've played it since season 4 and always been there, but this season is just so volatile especially with ranged top laners who just abuse the lane and make melee champions (except Riven) virtually useless and you won't perform well in team fights if vs a ranged top lane because you'll be so far behind the enemy ADC picks you off with ease. This is especially true for Bruisers. I'd also like any potential readers to bare in mind I am Plat 3 with a 53% win rate and within the top 10.7% of the competitive playerbase (ranked players) so I've had to learn about this game quite a bit; and I know I still have a lot more to learn - but I'm not someone who is new to the game and unfamiliar with the champions and mechanics within the game. _**So this is farewell for now League, I had some good times and some bad times - except this season provided no good times.**_ Goodbye, TheMoobile
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