To buy or not to buy

So I seek advice from you guys, should I buy Pulsefire Shen with my remaining 500 RP that won't be refilled anywhere soon? I got him in my my shop for 70% off and Shen used to be one of my signature toplane picks before his rework, I still like his new kit very much and he's a comfort pick for me. I also don't really like his Standard Splash and I have no other skins for him. But, what brings this up, I'm not completely convinced from his ingame model yet, his standard sword attacks look kinda off to me. Also his sibling skins (Twisted Fate, Riven) aren't that popular (especially Pulsefire Riven doesn't get any love at all). It would also mean that I have no RP left for anything else in the game (not that I have anything particular in mind though).

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