how 2 full weeks of no league went...

2 weeks ago i've gotten a job until i quit it recently due to the long distance between me and the job...anyway..during this time i'd wake up at 6am and usually arrived back home within 7pm so i couldn't play league at all cause i was simply too tired. I've met new people there, fun people who joked and laughed all the day long while i was sitting there looking at the watch to see how much time is left and i also met a really cute girl 1,2 years older than me and i helped her around and it was super cute. But anyway the whole point is lot of people there told me why i dont really speak that much and not make fun with them or stuff like that and enjoy the day so time can pass faster but just sit there and do my work and laugh at their jokes and basically watch them, during this time i lost 4kgs, became more social and started making jokes and got a bit out of my depression state and made myself a lil bit more responsable. Even tho I was on foot over 13 hours per day i didnt really feel the necesity to play league and stuff like that but to improve myself and i just felt better. Weird thing happened yesterday when i played like 3 games in a row and i realised how frustraded this game made me and how much of a rage guy i became since i started playing it, i literally finished a game today where i was just fucking annoying like hell that i kicked my desk and cursed the whole enemy team, i realised after that how this game affected me and how stupid it is that instead of having fun it stresses the shit out of you. it is a random story which i typed right now, english is not my first language so dont blame me - - - dont take league seriously it will drive you crazy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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