Ranked minimum for characters.

So i've been thinking about how to make ranked a better place with fewer people who will troll / first try a champion in ranked, and ruining everyone elses game etc.. What if there was a minimum requirment of a milestone per character, before it's pickable in a ranked game. Such as master level 4, as the minimum, that will force players to play that champion, up to that level, and therefore learn how the combos / how the champion work in itself, and not have these endless people who watch a youtube video, of a person in diamond/challenger overkill the opponents, claiming it's op. To then have people in the lower elos, first timing it in ranked, and ending up dying every second minute (trust me, it happens all the time) I hope others see this as an opportunity too, and hopefully have less people in ranked feeding out of control, loosing the game solo.
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