Placement games

Hello peoples ! I'm writing here to share my disappointment about how the system works regarding to placement games, I understand that you are placed lower than the league you were in previous season but, I did not played ranked last season, I started now, after my 10 placement games I have been placed in bronze 3, but were 10 wins from 10 games, all the games were A,A+,S- and S, I find it very unfair because is not that easy to have 10 wins from 10 in placements and also good rank in every match, I was really hoping for a Silver league, that would have been more fair because honestly in that dammed league it doesn't matter how good you play because someone from your team will always mess up the game and you will never get out from that league, I don't have that much time and I also don't even want to try to get out from that league because is mostly pointless, I'd rather quit LoL and that's it. Hopefully someone will care about this and maybe in the future will implement a system that ranks you by the way you play as an individual even if is a team game because after all you cannot control another 4 team-mates if they are monkey brain and as a support you can't carry a game.
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