So, a brand new day we're having.

alright, as you know i've been playing alot of overwatch recently, and now that the Winter event has ended, i take no joy in playing it anymore. a few mins ago i played my first normal game, and it was less than fun. flaming yasuo, bad jungler, and sleeping toplane. I was duoing with an ADC. But yeah, it didnt go well and yasuo kept flaming his ass off at us for "sleeping" and "not doing shit" when actually we pushed our lane the farthest. Basically, i need to get back to my gold level support skills as well as have some fun with new people. I'd love to play sometimes, especially with another good ADC. I mean like, finding your ADC is like the best feeling next to playing with an ACTUALLY good ADC instead of just him saying "yeah yeah im good" and dives into a 1v5. Everyone knows this feeling. I love it when i can have an ADC i can trust as well as an ADC loves to have a support that he can trust. As for communications, i use Discord. and i have been looking for a 2nd support main. I have had Leona in my mind for awhile, but she isnt my type. I dont like tanking that much, Rakan could be my 2nd support main if i knew what runes are the best for him. Im always debating between Sorcery and Resolve. Either i stick with Rakan or find a new 2nd support main.
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