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So, before wednesday of last week i was pretty much enjoying league got into diamond and was sitting at 87lp, however since that wednesday i have been hit with trolls afks inters feeders pretty much 7/10 games that ive played and ive got to the limit where i get seriously fustarted and tilt and become more toxic very quickly for the way the matchmaking is portrayed and the way i feel like im being specailly targetted to try and carry trolls which YOU CANT DO ANYMORE CAUSE ITS NOW A TEAM GAME, also i dodged a game yesterday cause of toxic flaming troll picks in champ select and today i have just dodged again cause of a lucian mid and a bard top however IT HAS TAKEN -10 LP OFF ME AND GIVE ME A LEAVER BUSTER QUEUE OF 30 MINUTES, why should i be penalized so much for other players who troll riot you really need to sort out this problem, it is unfair and doesnt allow your players to enjoy themselves.
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