A tough decision for me...

**Hello guys!** First of all, I want to apologize for my english that it's not that good, but I'm trying to improve ^^ Let me start from the start. I have account that is 4 years old, I've started playing in season 2. First I was bronze but then I got to silver, then to gold, but I can't get up... Last month I was Silver 1, then I was matched with people that are 27-28 lvl? ;x They were so bad... I'm not saying that I'm pro or something like this, but I'm trying and trying, but my teammates they always dive in turrets, feed endlessly and the BEST part is that they always flame and blame other for their own mistakes :(( .. My main role is supp and mostly I play as {{champion:412}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} I'm constanly warding, helping my teammates and stuff that supp should always do, but nope... I always get that DEFEAT screen, no matter that I'm trying that hard... I've also created a new account that is 10 lvl I think and I'm looking forward to get it to 30 and start playing ranked there, because my MMR on my main account it dropped like hell ..and I always get bad teammates.. So my main question was - should I continue playing ranked on my old account or lvl up my new one and try to get it to better devision than the first one. I will really be happy if you answear me something. Thank you guys, have a nice day. Hugz! {{item:2009}}
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