2019 pick'em

this are my thoughts , i checked some background of the team who plays on worlds ... , and i finded some teams to be more stronger than i thought first time.. http://prntscr.com/php2zs Do you have opinnions , now last year i remember was IGN vs FNC , and IGN winned wolrds 2018 ... , so idk why i think fnatic will pull hard for this victory , even if they don't , i will safe picks and skt first place on another account ,what do you think about my picks? I have analys some of teams players, teams history , idk i feel like is around this combination .... In group B , may and CTBC J team win it , they won LMS 2019 Summer Playoffs vs ahq for the prize of 1,500,000$ , so that's a huge prize to fight ...
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