Well Played for the new season teaser .

The new teaser is goddamn good , it's a masterpiece , proved its worthy to be added to the collection along the Worlds 2014 , Worlds 2017 music videos . I don't know if it's with/out association with a big cinematic studio like the Marvel in Ashe comicbook , but the graphic, FXAA, MSAA , that's what I call a GG WP , combining between the demand of quality-first content alongside what people want to see . putting Yasuo and Riven in , made people (I was myself) start to make theories , like how riven end up in the Colosseum with draven , or when Yasuo start to destroy enemy lines with his tornado , specially after the release of Riven trial , this makes people made theories and continue to watch and advertise the video without spending another single penny . then I realize that this video is far far before even riven leads the noxus forces , before yasuo commit treason (as claimed) . so after all Riot didn't put anything new in the video , they just made a video about something old but put what people want to see and made a quality content , showing Yasuo, Riven , Camile and Jhin . making people adv. the video without spending money . the tl;dr is That's a quality-first video deserves to be putted in the collection , also you deserve a GG WP for your plan, I myself and I believe the others too , want to see more Quality content . Thank you .

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