Why does RIOT make lame excuses when removing items from the game?

Why do they remove items just because nobody is using them? There are certain people who love those items and then you decide to remove them. I miss that Eleisa's Miracle item, I really liked that it became permanent after 3 levels of carrying it, so you essentially had 7 items at the end of the game. Same with Deathfire Grasp. They basically force an item meta shift by removing items. Like "We've decided that the items you're buying are not cool enough for us, so they will be removed in the next patch, get shrekt plebs." The quote "we don't want any item clutter" is just pathetic. Everyone can make an item build before the game, so you SHOULD NOT be confused in the item shop during the game and searching for your items. I just hate it when they have this crazy assumption that an item is "not used enough" to remain a part of the game. It really isn't up to you to decide, then by all means remove Ohmwrecker while you're at it, even tho that active is legendary, but of course our opinions don't really matter, in the end you're gonna do whatever you feel like doing with your game, simply because you want it to change. Lame. RITO, why. X..X{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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