Sorry riot

, mistakes can be made and _**i understand how mutch effort u put in this**_ money making event ,**_ but people put alot of effort in buying stuff and making plans to fully enjoy urf this weekend but you dont seem to care also the same way people arent showing how mutch they care about how mutch effort u put into this_** , so pls stop this nonsense ( i go on vacation tommorrow and i planned on sunday so i could enjoy 2 days of urf but stuff happens ) and for those who said they said it aint coming 1th april not anyone looks at every post of lol and stuff i just assume , last year i only could play a day cauze i almost missed it but this year i will be missing it again .. i never seen a draven head on some one else , maybe its just me cauze i always play draft **sorry riot for the miss understandings , i hope u will understand why people act like this **
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