A petition to get URF/ARURF permanent.

So this is something that has been bothering me lately and has honestly made me feel slighty sad/depressed. I quit league of legends a long time ago after grinding the game since late season 1, it's been one of my most played games and I have a lot of memories from it, from the great season 2 world final to the launch of LCS. Eventually I just got bored of the game. There has been something however that always brings me back once in a while, and that is when URF/ARURF is an active gamemode. Now I know you've most likely seen this request countless times, but I've never seen it go anywhere. Why is it not a permanent game mode yet? Why do we not have an "arcade" section like Overwatch does where we can choose to goof around in different fun gamemodes if we want to. At least have the option to play the gamemodes that keep rotating out. I've been presented with the argument that "you will eventually get tired of it", but that is not a sound argument. You will most likely be bored of Aram and 3v3 as well, so should we remove them as well and keep them as rotating gamemodes? 3v3 as far as I know has a very low dedicated playerbase yet it is there as an option for people that really want to play it. I was also told by a riot employee that "I miss URF too! But the truth is that URF just isn't a balanced game mode. If we made it a permanent game mode, it would be seen as a very broken game mode, and players would be frustrated with this more than anything else." Again, whether or not it would be broken I still believe people should have the OPTION to play it, if they don't like it and find it unbalanced, then don't play it. It's not like ARAM is a perfectly balanced gamemode, yet it's permanent because people enjoy it, toss in an arcade section and fill it with different gamemodes and I can definitely see a massive rise in playerbase. At least I would install the game again. I think I speak for a lot of people when I talk about having the option to queue the gamemode all the time, even if you'll eventually get tired of it. I'll most likely get bored of the gamemode even if it isn't permanent, it'll just take years and years instead since it does not frequent the rotation that often. After having such a long break from League I installed the game again and played religiously every day with my buddy while URF was on, and promptly uninstalled when the gamemode rotated out because there is nothing left for me in the classic mode anymore, I've played it to death and it really saddens me that the only mode that actually brings out joy in me and a lot of players is not an option for me 90% of the year... Is there seriously no way we can make an arcade where we have different gamemodes available or just make the 1-3 most popular available at all times? Thank you for reading this.
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