Taking very long time before get answer from Riot

Why do it take so long for riot to answer tickets? how it go with me: my acount got locked, told me to contact with a ticket, i did, this happend like Friday 8 february 20:00 CET, i get answer from riot (in the ticket here say 08:00 am 09:00) (my email said 23:00) to proof im original owner cuz they will only talk about geting me back to the game... i did answer all the question so i did wait... Sunday i did write in my ticket "why not geting any answer? can answer as fast as possible", i got no answer or anything... today 11.02.19 20:06 i still have not got any answer or anything... Why do it take Riot forever? why i have not got answer at all... i can say that next thing i just tell in my ticket is just more info than the question that can help to proof im original owner. Also any advice about this? Also edit: i have send a ticket before (about something else) that time i didnt message my own ticket or anything, did take 1 week before got answer from riot, so are this gonna be the same?
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